Present Earth Surface Processes and Long-term Environmental Changes in East Eurasia
September 16-20, 2019, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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The purpose of the Workshop is to exchange modern and historical environmental information in East Asia region for clarifying ‘’Present Earth Surface Processes and Long-term Environmental Changes in East Eurasia’’ for the better understanding of Earth landscape and climate evolution.
The first International Workshop on Present Earth Surface Processes and Long-term Environmental Changes in East Eurasia was held in Daejeon, Korea (2004), and followed by later in Kanazawa, Japan (2005), Seoul, Korea (2006), Nanjing, China (2007), Hakodate, Japan (2008), Taipei, Taiwan (2009), Jeju Island, Korea (2010), Chengdu, China (2011), Kobe, Japan (2012), Kwangju, Korea (2013), Nanjing, China (2014) , Taipei, Taiwan (2015), Okinawa, Japan (2016), Novosibirsk, Russia (2017) and Busan, Korea (2018).

The 16th East Eurasia International Workshop which will be held on September 16-20, 2019, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia aims to provide a forum for accessing to the most up-to-date and authoritative researches from Quaternary geology, sedimentology, geography, geomorphology and environmental sciences.

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Main topics

Paleohydrology,Paleolimnology and paleoenvironment
Present lake-catchment processes: observation and measurement
Present and past environmental changes and natural hazards
Lacustrine sediment chronology
Interaction of natural and human-induced ecosystem changes
Global and regional environmental changes
Modeling and forecasting environment changes

Tentative schedule

  • September 16, 2019


    Arrival to Ulaanbaatar, accommodation, registration
    14:00-17:00- Special Exhibition: “The Most Enchanting Dinosaurs from Mongolia”
    17:00- Opening Registration (Library Conference Hall, 502 of National University of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar,
    19:00- Icebreaking party

  • September 17, 2019


    Opening of workshop, oral and poster presentations.

  • September 18-20, 2019

    Field Excursions:

    During excursion, all participants will stay in the Mongolian national ger (yurt) camp.

  • September 18, 2019


    Field Excursion from UB to Kharkhorin (ancient capital of Mongolia) by bus. Ulaanbaatar-Erdenesant -Elsen Tasarhai sand dune –Kharkhorin- Erdene Zuu
    (Erdene Zuu Monastery is probably the earliest surviving Buddhist monastery in Uvurkhangai, Mongolia)
    -Welcome party

  • September 19, 2019


    Field Excursion
    Departure from Erdene Zuu-Tsetserleg-Ikh Tamir-Taikhar chuluu-Khorgin togoo -Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur
    -Farewell party

  • September 20, 2019


    Departure from Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur to UB.

  • September 21, 2019


    Departure from UB

  • Important Dates (2019)

    March 15 –The First Registration deadline
    May 15 -The Second Registration deadline
    July 15- Abstract submission deadline
    September 16-17, 2019, Symposium
    September 16, 2019 Special exhibition entitled: “The Most Enchanting Dinosaurs from Mongolia”
    September 18-20, 2019 Post Symposium Excursions

  • General information:

    The workshop will include Oral, Poster sessions and a Field excursion. The official language for all presentations is English. Abstracts will be required from all participants wishing to submit a poster or oral presentation in the workshop. Accepted abstracts will be published in the workshop program volume, which will be distributed to all participants. Abstracts will be accepted by e-mails or
    Details will be given in the second circular.

  • Accommodation


    Room reservation for hotels and registration form will be made by email before March 15, 2019 Details will be given in the second circular.
    The participants have to send an for hotel reservation with the registration form.

  • Registration fees


    workshop and field trip

  • Registration fees


    only workshop

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